Yucatan lime soup recipe

Nothing better than a lime soup to start a menu of Yucatecan dishes. This soup is at the same time hot and refreshing, full of citrus flavors.

Lime soup, step by step recipe

To prepare the lime soup, we will need corn tortillas to cut them into ribbons. For a totally homemade recipe, I recommend preparing them in advance, using our recipe for corn tortillas.

For the preparation of this recipe, we will need a very large pan. This is because not only or we will use to fry some ingredients, but also, towards the end of the recipe, we need to contain a good amount of liquid.

 lime soup recipe

 lime soup recipe
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Homemade lime soup

Cooking recipe, explained step by step, to prepare a lime soup typical of the state of Yucatan, in Mexico.We will also peel the onion and chop it in quarters.
  • To continue, we will take one of the files, we will wash it very well, and we will cut it into slices.
  • Then, let's take care of the chicken. For this, we will clean it well and then we will cook it in a pot, with a good amount of water and a little salt.
  • In the same pot, we will also place the lime wheels, ¼ onion and garlic. If necessary, we will add more water, to always make sure that it covers all the ingredients.
  • Let the chicken cook for 20 minutes, counted as soon as the water is already hot.
  • We can take advantage of the cooking time to cut the corn tortillas. We will do it in the form of tapes, or julienne, and we will reserve them.
  • Also we can cut another of the files on wheels.
  • We will wash the cilantro thoroughly. I recommend soaking it in water with a splash of vinegar for five minutes. Once washed, we will drain it well and chop the leaves very finely. Then, we will reserve them.
  • In the case of the tomato, we will wash it very well and We will chop it in cubes.
  • We will also wash the pepper very well. Then, we will cut the rest of the branch and remove the seeds and internal white parts. Finally, we will cut it into cubes, just as we have previously chopped the tomato.
  • Do you remember what was left of the onion? We will resume it to cut it into very small cubes.
  • We will put aside the vegetables that we just finished to work, and we'll keep the tortillas.
  • To fry them, we'll heat a pan with an abundant amount of oil.
  • When the oil is hot, we will put the Tortilla tapes to fry. We will do this quickly. In principle, it should take us a little more than a minute.
  • When we take out the tortillas from the pan, we will deposit them in a dish covered with a sheet of absorbent paper, to remove excess fat.
  • After the chicken is cooked ...

    1. Once the chicken is ready, we drain it well and we will unravel it with the help of two forks. For the moment, we will reserve it, just like the broth.
    2. Now we will make a stir-fry in the pan. We will heat a little oil, and add the chopped onion. We will let it cook until it starts to look transparent and then, we will add the chopped pepper and the tomato.We will add them to the pan and we will mix again.
    3. Let the soup boil. Once this point is reached, we will put out the fire and let it rest a few minutes before serving.
    4. We will take this moment to taste the lime soup, and if necessary, correct the seasoning with more spices.
    5. At the time of serving, we will also bring to the table a container with fried tortilla ribbons and another with the file that we had chopped and reserved. In this way, everyone can add tortillas or more lime to their broth, if desired.

    Tips for the preparation of lime soup

    • I recommend the use of corn oil to stay in the same range of flavors (corn tortilla, oil of corn ...). However, another neutral-tasting vegetable oil, such as sunflower oil or canola oil, can also be used.
    • It is important to heat the oil on high heat before frying the tortillas. The goal is that they cook quickly and remain a little crispy. If the oil is not hot enough, there is a risk that the tortillas become impregnated with fat and become watery, far from the desired effect.
    • During the cooking of the chicken breast, it is important to supervise often the pot. If the water evaporates, add more, always making sure all the ingredients are covered.
    • If a layer of foam forms on the surface of the water during the cooking of the chicken, we will remove it with help of a spoon.
    • It is important to make sure that the chicken is well cooked, before using it for this recipe. That is, chicken meat should not look red inside or near the bone. Normally, the indicated cooking time is sufficient, but not all cookers have the same power, and that can affect the result.