Squid recipe in its ink

The art of cooking calamari in its ink is one of those familiar secrets that are passed on from generation to generation.

On the one hand, it is the challenge of preparing a good recipe for squid in its own ink (or squid in its ink). But on the other, and just as important, is the challenge of choosing the ingredients for this dish. From my point of view, this is one of the recipes where there is more attention to be given to that point.

The squid (or squid): ideally come fresh, Direct from the trusted fishmonger. The less time they have spent out of water, the better. Keep in mind that if it is squid that have been frozen, the taste of the dish will not be the same, and especially the texture, because they will feel less tender. But then, in case of emergency, this solution works, like an ace up the sleeve.

If it's up to you to do the job of cleaning and cutting the squid, I leave here a YouTube video that may be useful :

The ink: For this recipe, ink is more protagonist than ever. If you have not read my explanation about the different ink options for cooking, which came with the recipe for black rice, I quickly recapitulate. You can use the ink from the supermarket (the one that comes in bags), or with a bit of luck, take advantage of the ink bag that forms each part of each squid. It must be treated delicately at the moment of separation, so that it does not break and the material is not lost. Also the cuttlefish have ink, so if that's what you get, you can replace the original squid without problems.

In the case of unprocessed ink, that is, the ink that does not come from the supermarket , you have to make sure you do not consume it without heating it.

The wine: Let's start from the principle that the wine for cooking also serves as a drink, even if it's an economical wine . A wine of poor quality can risk the dish, especially since several of those considered "cooking wines" are salty. So pay attention to this ingredient.

Once all this has been reviewed, now, let's go to the recipe.

Squid recipe in its ink

Only one pair of curious facts about this dish:

Everything seems to indicate that its origin is Basque, there it is called squid in its ink, or with its Basque name txipirones in its ink.

Is there any difference between squid and squid? Technically no.A typical recipe of the Basque country that nowadays you can try all over Spain. Your ideal companion? Well, white rice, of course.Add the onion, garlic and a touch of salt.