Mole de olla, traditional Mexican recipe

The most loving dish of the Mexican grandmothers has to be the mole de olla, with its chips, carrots, corn and abundant pieces of beef and/or pork.

I speak of more loving dish because it is the one that warms you when you are cold, the one that revives you after a good party and the one that you can always eat fresh or overheated, alone or in family.

Recipe of the mole de olla

If you are not Mexican, you will be surprised to know or see that the mole de olla does not have as much to do with the preparation or consistency of other moles, as mole poblano or mole verde.

The mole de olla is a kind of super soup, quite typical of central Mexico.

mole de Mexican pot

mole de olla mexicano
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Traditional pot mole

Cooking recipe, step by step, to prepare this nutritious traditional soup of Mexican cuisine: the mole de olla.In the case of carrots and garlic cloves, we will peel them. In the case of potatoes, they can be peeled or not. If they are left unpeeled, they will have to be washed very well.
  • Then, we will chop the potatoes in large pieces and carrots in pieces or slices.
  • We will also peel and chop the onion into large pieces.
  • The corn must be peeled, clean and cut into pieces designed for each individual dish.
  • We will also wash the green beans well.
  • We are going to heat a large pot with half a liter of water to cook the following ingredients: green beans, potatoes, carrots and corn. We will also add a touch of salt, to taste.
  • We will heat another pot with at least half a liter of water, to cook on it garlic, onion, epazote or parsley, rib or chambarete, backbone, and if it is the case, bones with marrow.
  • Normally, the meat will release a layer of foam during cooking. We will revise it with certain frequency and we will remove this layer with a kitchen spoon.
  • While the other ingredients are cooked, we will wash the chilies and remove the head and seeds. Then, we will go through some boiled water.
  • The next step will be to pass the chilies to the blender. We will process them and then we will pass the liquid to the pot where the meat is cooked.
  • Later we will also pass more vegetables from his pot to the one of the meats.
  • We will boil the set for fifteen minutes, and will be ready to be served.
  • Tips for preparing the mole of pot

    • When serving this preparation, the ideal is that each dish has a part of each of the ingredients.
    • Serve the mole with lemons chopped into quarters, so that each diner can use them to garnish their dishes.
    • If you get chayotes or chayotas, you can incorporate them as ingredients in your pot stock.
    • Also You can add zucchini or zucchini to the mole in pot. Nothing else, be careful when preparing them, because they cook and start to break down much faster than most vegetables.
    • You can also accompany it with a bit of chopped onion, for decoration.
    • If you get xoconostle, do not hesitate to incorporate it into this recipe. In fact, in the old recipe of mole de olla, this ingredient is almost indispensable.

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