Cream of shrimp, recipe step by step

Preparing shrimp cream is much easier than you imagine. It is a very comforting dish, one that gives heat to the body and also has a spectacular taste.

Of the thousands of homemade creams that exist, shrimp has a very special place in my life. heart, and possibly yours too after you prepare it.

How to make shrimp cream

A detail of this shrimp cream recipe is that you have 2 options at the time of prepare it:

You can use the peeled prawns with the cream, or you can reserve them to cook another recipe.

The flavor of this dish will be given by the skin and head of the animal.

That said, below the recipe, including the peeled prawns in the preparation.

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Easy shrimp cream

Ingredients and step by step preparation of an easy and delicious homemade shrimp cream recipe.Put on medium heat to bring it back to boil. Add the fried tomato and mix.
  • Meanwhile, you can sauté the peeled prawns in a pan with some olive oil and barely ready, reserve.
  • Going back to the recipe of the cream, once it begins to boil slightly the contents of the pot, you are going to add the wheat flour, little by little and then the cream. It is important to be one thing first, mix well, and then the other.
  • In this point the cream will start to get thick and, depending on your taste, you can add more cream or flour to vary its consistency.
  • Add salt and pepper to taste.
  • Turn off the heat and add the previously cooked peeled prawns.
  • Done, you already have a cream of homemade prawns.
  • Ideally, you should accompany this cream with a piece of bread . And when serving, a good splash of extra virgin olive oil.

    You can also store one or two whole prawns, without peeling and cooking them in the broth and use them as a garnish when serving each dish.


    Did you have unprocessed prawns left over after preparing this dish ?, then make prawns with garlic.

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